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Have been a loyal, satisfied customer for well over 30 yrs.But recent experiences with both online and in-store shopping have been unnecessarily challenging.

For instance, the record of one's accumulated points is not coordinated between the web site and the in-store records. Buy $40 worth of goods at the store and the points are not registered online. Wrote them numerous times to no avail, with no response. Over the past 6 yrs.

the staff at the local store has changed at least 3 times, and none of them have been very friendly or truly helpful. In that period the items in stock have been radically reduced; apparently, the stores no longer have the capitalization to keep enough stock on hand.Also the prices in the store, at times, are higher than the catalog and online prices. So why keep the stores open? Obviously, it's costing too much, as with Barnes and Noble and other outlets.How long can this go on?

The numbers don't lie. EPS growth is down 3.8%. The stock's recent high was $32.31; today it's $21.65 in a robust environment. Colin Watts their current CEO (appointed 2015) has a background in WeightWatchers and Walgreens, illustrating the firm is far more concerned about profits than health.

Not long ago it used to be both, which resulted in a sellout in 2002 when Bear Stearns bought the company and the owners walked away with $310M. Since then it's been a steady but relatively slow decline, that is until recently. Now they seem to be speeding down the hill, unconcerned about customer relations, sustaining competitive prices, and operating in a consistently competent manner. Do the people at the top know what's happening?

Probably not.The common theme among these critical comments, which I completely resonate with, is that a once caring, enlightened, courteous retailer has, like so many other greedy predators, concentrated on the bottom line without realizing how it's directly connected with the treatment being given to the customer base.

And what we're merely saying is, If you don't care neither do we.VS adios.

Review about: Vitamin Shoppe Healthy Awards Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1347480

Your stores are not the same and your online is worse. I am sure if you cannot get better managers then you have now, you will start closing them down. Sam Waters

Rockwall, Texas, United States #1337267


Terrell, Texas, United States #1337266

To: Vitamin Shoppes

Your store on I-30 in Texas has not ordered any products.Lots of products I use must be in the back or not ordered.

I have stopped going there.Either order the products or shut down.

to Anonymous #1359963

When you go to the register at Vitamin Shoppe, the prices are higher than shelf prices.

Lilla (Rockwall)

Quinlan, Texas, United States #1330894

I will close my account, contact the CEO or corporate and never shop that Rockwell store again.The manager does not care and now keeps all the products up top and no one on the selling floor to get them down.

She could care less.I come a long way to be treated that way.

Heath, Texas, United States #1330879



Rowlett, Texas, United States #1330874

Vitamin Shoppe hires the wrong manager!A manager needs to be mature and experienced.

The Texas store in Rockwall has lost all their good people. I will not be back. Nothing is in order and store looks shuffled and has no appeal. I will shop at whole foods.

The prices on the vitamins do not ring up correctly and my points are not correct.

J.Williams Rowlett, Texas

Rockwall County, Texas, United States #1328462

You should see the *** managers they are hiring in the Rockwall Texas county.They completely devastated the store!

All the good ones leaving and district manager you call could care less! They all must be in this together. No district manager who cares would allow the demise of the store and put a horrible, clueless teen in charge. She doesn't care about the customers.

She only plays with her husband who demos protein in the store every day.

Some nasty tasting protein!Why is she allowed to have her husband in the store all day playing and not waiting on customers?

to Anonymous Forney, Texas, United States #1337254

Are you talking about that nasty guy that just hangs out in the front all day talking to the manager all day.She is new and drove everyone off.

I hate the turnover. I liked the others.

I no longer go in.I shop GNC.

Bill M.

to Anonymous #1359962

So true! Not a fan of the Rockwall store. Changed and no one cares to order the products.

You lost me as a good customer.

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